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Solekko story

In 2020, a group of friends decided that enough is enough. Lapland lacked a high-quality festival for alternative art and culture – it was time to make it happen.

In Lapland, we tend to just make things happen. The first Solekko Fest was celebrated by 200 attendees in the village of Köngäs. The first “fästi” sold out, and the journey began. 

Solekko Fest has become known as a high-quality festival featuring indie, folk, and electronic music emerging from the northern soil. It also offers multidisciplinary workshops and immersive visual experiences in the early autumn nights of Lapland. 

Solekko Fest was born and raised in the midst of the pandemic. It has fought for its existence like a bear – with northern resilience, strength, and a big heart. Growth pains have not been avoided, but help has been sought and received. The natural force of Solekko Fest is its fierce northern community. Throughout 2023, its fire has grown even bigger. The festival organization has expanded and gained the support of a significant number of advisors.

In the fall of 2024, Solekko Fest will move to the municipality of Muonio. We will continue to celebrate northern talent as always, but in the future, we will also showcase performers from abroad – especially from the Arctic area.

Solekko Fest stands for uncomplicated good spirit and outstanding northern art. We’re all about deep respect for nature and preserving the vibrant essence of arctic village life.

Join us and become part of the growth story of Lapland’s most vibrant village festival. Follow our socials, grab your tickets and let’s keep in touch!

Photo: Sirpa Anttonen

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