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Yes, this celebration takes place in the middle of the forest. 

That’s precisely why we’ve made getting here easy. 


By train: Stations Kolari and Rovaniemi, timetables and tickets


On the festival bus:


Oulu-Tornio-Pello-Kolari railway station-Muonio-Kangosjärvi (Camping and festival area)

Rovaniemi railway station-Kittilä (airport)-Levi-Äkäslompolo-Kolari-Muonio-Kangosjärvi (Camping and festival area)

Tickets for these transports are now available on our ticket shop. Choose a place where you'll be hopping on to the bus and buy your return ticket.

Schedules will be announced later in the spring.

Both buses leave on Friday and arrive at the accommodations well in advance of the start of the festival. On Sunday, the same transport leaves the area, going around the accommodations at around 12 o'clock

We reserve the right to make changes to the routes.

Carpooling: Leave your ad or find a ride via social media. We will publish a post before the festival, under which you can leave your offer. You can also find numerous carpooling groups on Facebook!


By plane: Airports Rovaniemi and Kittilä 

Buy a ticket for the festival bus in addition, and you can just arrive straight to Kangosjärvi!

just arrive

The most convenient accommodation is near the festival area, in the forest at the campsite. Simply grab your camping gear and set up your own camp at Solekko. 


The weather in September can be chilly. We recommend a waterproof tent, as well as a three-season sleeping bag and mat. The area is also perfect for hammock camping. 


We also have individual spots available in a semi-prepared group tent. Just bring your own sleeping bag and mat for this accommodation, or reserve a fully prepared spot. 


You can also rent a pre-assembled tent accommodation for the weekend – for yourself or for your whole group.

You can purchase accommodation tickets from our ticket store.


Additionally, you can purchase an unpowered spot for a camper or van in the immediate vicinity of the festival area. Limited spots are available, so please reserve yours soon. 


Since cars cannot be parked at the campsite and there is limited parking space nearby, we recommend arriving by the festival bus. 


You can book cottage or hotel from:

Lapland Hotels olos
Harriniva Adventure Resort
For booking a cottage in the Muonio area, you may also use Airbnb or Nettimö 

just accommodate

Sirpa Anttonen

Hiisi is a sacred place of origin for the Baltic Finnish peoples’ indigenous religion. In Finnish culture, Hiisi has meant a burial ground or a cult site. These beautiful natural places were visited to honor ancestors and pagan gods and goddesses, like Tapio, The Forest King, Mielikki and Akka, the Mothers of Forest and Land, and Ukko Ylijumala – all of whom were greeted with abundant offerings.


Martti Haavio defines Hiisi as a symbolic center of the universe: “The sacred grove formed a stage that corresponded to the primordial grove. The lonely oak, birch, or aspen tree, perhaps just a shrub, was the cosmic tree, the tree of life. In many sacred groves, there were also springs of life.” 


At Solekko Fest, we venture into the Hiisi for the night, to connect with nature and sound, with the surrounding people and vibrating energies – to honor the root power of life. The rhythms and celebrations of the Hiisi stage are a modern way to come together, to just simply celebrate life. 



Sirpa Anttonen

Main stage experiences a rich tapestry of diverse cultures; it hosts both local talents and borrowed skills. The main stage offers a colorful array of Nordic artists and ensembles. The stage may also be taken over by various performing arts – and during the daytime, it can turn into a wild dance floor for people all ages.


The area map appears here


Local and nearby small businesses, artisans and natural product manufacturers set up their stalls at the Solekko Fest market. Come and get to know the craft traditions and delicious local flavors!


You can buy food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks around the festival area. There will vegetarian food options as well. You cannot bring your own drinks to festival area. Water bottles need to be empty, but you can fill them inside the festival area.

We aim to provide a fireplace inside the festival area where you can cook sausages or marshmallows bought from the market.


Sauna and hot tub €20.

You can buy a Solekko PLUS ticket, which includes sauna sessions, now at the Early Bird price of €97

The separately sold sauna+hot tub tickets will go on sale closer to the festival, if there are still sauna sessions left for sale after the PLUS tickets. So grab yours now! Near the festival area, approx. 500m away, there is also a beach.

There are portable toilets around the festival area and campsite, as well as water containers, where you can fill your own bottle.


There is a very limited number of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the area and we charge a parking fee of €10. Those coming to the camp can park their cars for free in a nearby parking area, to a place, which is clearly guided. We recommend to take the festival bus, which allows you to get from Muonio to Kangosjärvi conveniently. 


We accept the most common cards, cash and Mobile Pay as means of payment. Each seller determines his own means of payment, so we do not inform about these.

The nearest ATM is in Muonio, so bring cash with you.



We are continuously passionate about reducing our environmental impact. As part of our commitment, we actively promote recycling and encourage all our visitors to join us in this effort. Our hope is that everyone will help keep the surrounding nature free from litter and opt for sustainable travel methods when attending the festival.

Lapland is a precious treasure – let our actions reflect its worth.



Become a vendor at Solekko! The sales spot costs 50€ – we provide a sales table and electricity. In case of rain, it’s advisable to bring your own tent, shelter or other rainproof structure. Fill this form!

For food vendors: The sales spot costs 400€, incl. electricity, waste disposal and water. Email us, and we will contact you!

Would you like to join us and contribute as a volunteer? Fill up the form and we'll be in touch!


just come along

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